The thrill of hunting is an experience like no other. From the anticipation of tracking and pursuing a mature trophy, to the rewarding and exhilarating feeling of outsmarting and finally taking the shot, hunting creates memories and bonds for a lifetime. It brings us closer to nature and our origins.

The best we have to offer

Bwabwata West Park

Bwabwata is considered by many as the premier Dangerous Game hunting destination in Namibia and one of the best throughout Southern Africa.
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Ethical hunting is a practice that has been around for centuries and is an important part of our value as hunters. It involves respecting and appreciating our quarry and its environment, while following local laws and regulations. Ethical hunting is a practice that is constantly evolving to better serve the need for conservation and the humane treatment of animals. Ethics however, can be a very personal matter and will differ from culture to culture and from one upbringing and mindset to another. We believe in the sustainable hunting of old, mature specimen that have already passed on their genes to future generations. 
Our concepts of
ethical hunting
The first and most important aspect of ethical hunting is respecting and appreciating all animals and their environment and preserving them for future generations to enjoy. This includes managing herds, grazing and water sources for the benefit of all fauna and flora. Ethical hunting also involves hunting animals in the most effective manner possible and to the best of our ability for a quick and humane kill.
The second aspect of ethical hunting relates to following local laws and regulations, such as keeping to set quotas, using appropriate hunting tools, adhering to the different hunting seasons and educating fellow hunters on the given principles and laws.

Taking care

Conservation Ethos

The underlying philosophy and guiding principle behind efforts to protect and preserve natural resources and biodiversity for the benefit of future generations.
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  • Both of us have spent many enjoyable hours/hunts in the field with Emile. Ginni has successfully hunted multiple plains game species with Emile, including huge Kaokoland giraffe and ostrich, and several “tiny-ten”, including duiker, klipspringer, and the elusive Damaraland Dik Dik, and other species, and Mike has had multiple memorable and successful DG hunts with Emile, including two very ornery elephants and a “bullet-proof” buffalo (13 shots!!). Mike considers Emile the very best of all the exceptional DG PH’s he has hunted with. Emile's favorite and specialty species is elephant…and his BWNP concession draws some of the biggest elephants in Africa. If you are still hunting for your “Big One”, you might want to take a look here!
    Mike and Ginni, USA
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  • I have hunted Africa five times and hunted extensively elsewhere in the world. So I have quite a bit of experience with PH’s and guides. Though “only” 33 years old, Emile is at the top of my list. Still young enough to have eagle eyes, he also has the calm and confident demeanor of an old-timer. And his ability to judge trophies on the hoof is remarkable. But what sets him apart in my view, is his faithfulness in pursuing the crafty, old, mature bulls that are so rewarding to hunt. His are proper tracking hunts, covering miles and leaving you confounded as to how he could possibly be doing it. It’s the stuff you read about in books. His patience and steadiness when the stress is high is reassuring when you’re on the sticks.

    And a bit about Bwabwata West. There is nothing like it that I’ve seen before. The amount of game is simply astounding – elephants and buffalo literally by the hundreds. Also very big sable and roan in their native range, and more hippos, crocs and red lechwe than you can count. We also saw lion every day and even leopard. It’s as if you are in the Yellowstone National Park of Africa -- with a hunting permit.

    For those of us that enjoy small family operations, where you get to know not only your PH but also his family, it is a bonus that Emile has the most wonderful and supportive wife, Kirstin, who actively participates in organizing and tending to the little details of the trip, including tours and activities for any non-hunting guests. Her hospitality and charm is enduring and you will depart as friends of the family.

    I sincerely provide the highest possible recommendation for you to consider Emile and Kou Kuas Adventures should you desire an experience reminiscent of how Africa used to be.
    Alan, USA
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  • The hunting experience in Namibia was very good. It was our first time hunting Africa and we will be back. Very good quality animals. Great PH. Trackers were excellent. Accommodation and food was very good.
    Gerard, Ireland
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From pursuing your quarry after hours of hard work, scouting and tracking, to finally being able to position yourself  for a shot- hunting creates memories of a lifetime, and is a highly rewarding experience. Success and reward while hunting come in many different forms- even after a long and hard day in the field without success, watching the sunset, reflecting on the days events and appreciating nature is a reward in itself. Success is often not measured by the trophy in the salt, but by the experiences and contentment of being in the outdoors.  

A trophy is not only a skull on the wall, but a memoir of the hunt, its adventures, hardships and a reminder of success that will last for generations to come.
"Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the forests and fields in which you walk. Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person." - Fred Bear


Hunting Areas

Kou Kuas Adventure Safaris offers hunts in some of the best areas Namibia has to offer- including Bwabwata West National Park, Kou-Kuas Private Game Ranch and local conservancy areas.   
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